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One-stop Services

We offer our brand partners ease of mind with our one-stop services. These services include but not limited to: international shipping, custom clearance, merchandise inspection and certification, brand/IP registration and protection, marketing and advertising, retail channel development and management, customer services. Our partners can focus on creating the best products for consumers and leave all the rest to us.


Our team specialize in import/export processing with efficiency. We are familiar with custom regulations in China, US and EU. We make sure all merchandise pass through customs in a timely manner, saving our customers lots of headache dealing with the bureaucracy. We arrange shipping by sea, rail or air cargo based on the type of merchandise. We also work with custom officials on required inspections and certifications according to requirements.

Brand marketing

When you are a new brand entering a new market, it's very challenging to get the words across. Our marketing team is experienced in growing brand awareness in the Chinese market. We know all the right channels to reach the right target audiences and tell them the story in a way that they would instantly become a fan of the brand.


Our team has 20 years of experience selling in the Chinese market. We operate retail stores in shopping malls and department stores in most major markets in China. We also have direct and indirect channels in most of China's major e-commerce platforms. With our extensive experiences, we can help our brand partners quickly establish a comprehensive online/offline retail network so that their products can be easily accessible for the Chinese consumers.

It all adds up to Domination Through Innovation.

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