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Traditional Channels

With 20 years of history operating retail locations in department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and chain specialty stores, we understand where to find the right location for different products. Together with our retail partners, we can help our brands quickly setup retail presence in most major markets in China. Our trained sales representatives will be available at these retail locations promoting your products with passion and professionalism.

  • Department Stores

    In the face of intense competition of e-commerce and modern shopping malls, Chinese department stores have been declining gradually. However there is still certain demography who are used to going to department stores. Certain products are still very suitable to be displayed in department stores. We know all the right place to setup retail space for our partners.

  • Shopping Malls

    China currently has over 4000 shopping malls in her 320 cities and the number is set to double in the next decade. Not all shopping malls are suitable for a product. Our experienced team can help partner brands select the hottest and the most suitable shopping malls to setup retail locations.

  • Specialty Stores

    Chain specialty stores in China is a fast growing sector with a growth speed next only to the e-commerce sector. We have worked with some of the biggest chains in the country giving us quick coverage to all the major markets. We are in position to help our brand partners grow together with these chain stores.