Online Channels

China's online market place is one of the most active and fastest growing online markets in the world. Thanks to the mature delivery network and easy to use online payment systems, Chinese consumers are switching to online shopping at a fast pace. Therefore the online channels are some of our most important channels to demonstrate our products and sell directly to consumers all over the country. We are already working with most of the major e-commerce platforms in China. We can quickly make our partner's products available on these platforms.


    Alibaba is by far the largest e-commerce operator in China and in the world. Between its two main sites and, total transactions exceeded 1 trillion RMB in 2014. We are currently operating several stores on these platforms.

  • JING DONGJD.COM is famous for it's fast delivery network. Usually orders are delivered no later than the next day in most major cities in China. It is extremely popular among the less patient consumers. We are also currently selling on this platform.


    Although Amazon is lagging behind its Chinese competitors in the mainland market, it still has the name brand recognition and it's pushing hard to gain market share. Of course it's another one of our platform of choice.