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Success stories

Here is a list of some of the brands we are currently partnering with. With almost 20 years in the business, we have established and maintained very successful working relationships with dozens of renowned international brands. Our deep professional expertise in the Chinese consumer market and our passion for helping our partners succeed have helped us achieve benchmarks that exceeded all of our partners expectations. We go to work every day with only one goal in mind: to help our partners WIN!

we are currently serving

Adidas Kids

Adidas Kids brand belongs to Adidas Sports (China) Ltd. It's a popular childrens casual and sporting apparel manufacturer. Annual sales under this brand label exceeded 1 billion RMB in China.

We operate dozens of Adidas Kids retail locations in Jiangsu, Shandong provinces.


After being acquired by Nike, Converse has seen tremendous growth with it's unique style product line. In China, Converse has a large following among teenagers and young adults. Its sales even recently surpassed Adidas's in China.

We operate several Converse retail stores mainly in department stores in the eastern China markets.

Lee Kids

Lee is an American jeans maker with a long history. It created the first pair of jeans with a zipper installed. Lee kids focuses on the Children casual wear market with its children's shoes and jeans product line. It is a relatively new and unknown brand in the children's apparel market, but with the help of its well-known adult brand it has seen steady growth in the China market.


Swarovski was born in Austria in 1895. It creates glamorous crystal jewellery, fashion accessories and home decor that are well-known and loved by people all over the world.

Chinese consumers are no exception, Swarovski is a very famous brand in China. It has setup retail stores in most major Chinese cities. We partnered with the brand to operate several of these stores in popular shopping malls.

Calvin Klein

When the fashion designers from Calvin Klein worked together with the Swiss watch makers from Swatch, they created the elegant CK watches and jewellery product line. It has become an instant hit for fashion lovers around the world.

Chinese consumers are heavy weight Swiss watch buyers. The CK brand has won over many Chinese consumers with it's elegant design and precision Swiss watch making. We are currently operating several CK jewellery stores in high-end shopping malls.

Folli Follie

Folli Follie is a relatively new luxury jewellery and fashion accessories brand coming out of Greece. It positioned itself to create luxury designer fashion items for the working white collar professionals at a reasonable price.

Alexsandre de Paris

Alexsandre de Paris is a world famous hair dress accessories brand. It is the only luxury designer label mainly focused on hair dresses and fashion accessories.


Rookie is an American brand focusing on children's sports wear and casual apparels. Rookie stores are multi-brand retail stores selling kids wear not only from Rookie itself, but also famous brands like Nike Kids, Jordan and Levis Kids.


Laneige (Lan Zhi) is a Korean cosmetic products brand focusing on skin care products for the Asian women's skin type. It's a popular brand among Chinese women professionals.